Workshops and Education

Wisdom of the Sufis

Offered February 10, 2018, 1:30-4:30pm. Please pre-register to receive address. Drop ins will not be available. In this workshop, we use the poetry of the Sufis as a psycho-spiritual development tool.
$20.00 in advance

The Yoga of Relationship

This is a workshop in which we explore a few very basic partner poses and use them as a gateway into understanding each person's patterns in relationship. We work with specific tools to address those patterns and to improve communication, while deepening connection and intimacy. This is open to couples or individuals.

$20.00 in advance

The Art of Awakening

Participants in this workshop use various forms of creative expression, including but not limited to collage, drawing, movement and poetry, to explore and express deeply held emotional and psychological patterns. Guided meditation helps us to drop into a place where our inner wisdom can communicate with us via the art that we create.

$20.00 in advance

Permission to Thrive!

This workshop uses various tools and techniques to explore self esteem and self worth. Participants gain an understanding of how they truly see themselves, while learning and practicing tools which allow them to shift negative belief patterns.

$20.00 in advance

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