Creative expression is a potent vehicle for healing

Have you used art to heal or process emotions? If so, I'd love to see it. If you would like to submit an example of your own healing art, please contact me

Time to be Free - Lauren Aune

Born to this world

Precious and sweet

Ten little toes upon my feet

I was told I was wanted

Told I was loved

Innocent as a tiny dove

But all of that was stolen away

In the blink of an eye

One horrible day

Pink converse high tops

Blonde curly hair

A father that was supposed to care

Didn't want to believe it

I tried to hold it in

A lifetime of protecting him

I put on a show

A happy face

Stuffed it all down in the darkest place

But those demons, they found me

I could not hide

From all that I had buried inside

That precious girl

She was screaming at me

!My life is worth living

It's time to be free

~ Lauren Aune